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Helpful Tips

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Moving can be stressful and a lot of work. Here are our top tips to make your move easier!

Preparation Tips

• It is crucial to have all your belongings packed up and ready when the movers show up. • Separate items that you don’t want to be packed so the movers clearly know what’s going on the truck and what isn’t. • We do not take TVs off walls or hook them up. • The more you can pack, the quicker the move will be. • Box everything you can, as boxes are easier to move and pack. • Don’t overpack boxes, doing so can lead to boxes collapsing. • Please tape the top of every box and label clearly where you want it to be placed. • Please empty out any dressers, armoires, cabinets. • All electronics must be unhooked and packed into boxes excluding TVs. • We do not move liquids, chemicals, gasoline, paint, oil, ammunition.


• All appliances must be unhooked. • We do not unhook or hook up gas lines or water lines. • All content must be taken out of refrigerators and freezers. • Make sure to defrost your freezer before we move it. • Wait a few hours before plugging in the refrigerator or freezer to let them settle.


• It is your responsibility to take apart and reassemble beds, cribs, and desks • Store all parts from beds, dressers, bookshelves in a bag. • An empty desk and file cabinets, the lighter it is the easier it is to move. • All drawers with loose items should be packed. • Please take out pendulums from grandfather clocks. • Particle board furniture can easily be broken while traveling. We will move it at the risk of the customer.


• Employees do not remove shoes for moving. • Goal Line Moving is not responsible for marks in your driveway from our trucks. • Goal Line moving has floor protection included in our service. • Driveways must be clear of snow and ice.


• Be sure to reserve or save parking for our moving truck in front of or close to your home.


• Payment is due at the completion of the move. • Goal Line Moving accepts cash, check, and cards. • Goal Line drivers do not carry change when paying with cash.


• Goal Line Moving will transport plants but is not responsible for any damages. • Propane tanks must be taken off grill and tanks moved by customers. • Dissemble all moving exercise equipment.