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Moving in Minnesota with Your Dog: How to Help Your Dog Adjust to A New Home

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While exploring your new neighborhood and setting up your new home is exciting, not every aspect of moving is as enjoyable. You have to worry about all the packing, lugging around heavy boxes, calling a local moving company, and unpacking in the new place. There is also the setting up, transferring, and canceling of all your utilities and other accounts. If moving in Minnesota is so stressful for humans, imagine what your dog is going through during this laying on floor - Goal Line Moving in Minnesota with dogs Most likely, your current home is the only home that your dog has known. He knows the sights, sounds, and smells around the house and the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure the move is as stress-free as possible for your furry friend.

Prepare Your Dog for a Minnesota Move

Step number one in preparing your dog for a move is getting them acquainted with the moving supplies. Bring the boxes in and give him a chance to see and smell them. Use the tape briefly on occasion as he may find the noise disturbing at first. Just set the boxes up against the wall for a little while without a big fuss. Try tossing one of his favorite treats near the boxes. Once he is used to the presence of the boxes, open them and move them around the house. Your dog will start to see shipping supplies as something positive or not care about them at all.

Stick To Routine as Much as Possible

As the moving day gets closer, make it a point to keep things as normal as possible for your dog. Keep his feeding, walking, playing, and potty break schedule the same. Keeping things consistent before the Minnesota movers show up is the best way to ensure your dog feels safe and relaxed.

Woman taking dog on walk - moving with dogs in MN, Goal Line MovingTake Walks in the New Neighborhood

If possible, take your dog with you when visiting the new neighborhood.. Introduce your dog to his new surroundings. Let him explore all the sights, smells, and sounds of the new neighborhood. Regular walks in the new environment will help to acclimate him and give him a chance to become comfortable before moving day.

Getting Used to the New Place

  1. Once you make the move, there are a few things you can do in your new home to keep your dog's stress level as low as possible. Make sure your dog has a comfortable place in your new home. Create a space for him using blankets, rugs, or toys that smell like your old home. If he had a favorite resting spot in your old home, do your best to create a similar space in your new home.
  2. Don't get rid of every piece of furniture from your old place yet. It may be tempting to get a new living room set for your new home and let your designer bug go wild. However, it's best to keep at least a few pieces of your old furniture for a few weeks. Place the pieces in a way similar to the way they were in your old home to limit your dog's anxiety with the move.
  3. For the first few days after the Minnesota moving company trucks drive away, keep visitors to a minimum. Don't try to force your dog into playdates with the new neighbors.
The most important way to help your dog adjust when moving into a new home is to be patient and understanding. The whole process is going to be stressful for both of you. Just remember to constantly show him the love and attention that he is used to and let him know you are in it together.