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What Should I Pack First When Moving?

Ready to begin packing but unsure where to begin? Start With the Items in Storage This could include items in a storage room in your house, items in a shed, items in your basement and even items at an off-site storage facility. More times…
Lake and forest - Why should I move to Coon Rapids, MN?

Why Live in Coon Rapids, MN?

What are some of the benefits of moving to Coon Rapids, MN? If you're looking for a great place to live, we highly suggest looking in Coon Rapids, MN. It's a rapidly growing suburb of Minneapolis that's currently home to over 60,000 residents.…
Kitchen with white cabinets and brown counter tops - I'm moving soon, when should I set up my utilities?

I’m moving soon, when should I set up my utilities?

As your move gets closer, it’s important to not forget to set up your utilities! For you first-time movers, yes, you have set up things like your electricity, water, gas, etc. The most common utilities you’ll need to set-up include: …