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Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

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Keeping your move eco-friendly can be a tough thing to do. Especially with all the plastic that’s typically used and all the trash acquired during a move. Make your move eco-friendly with these tips and tricks. 

Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

When you’re going through your belongings, figure out what you don’t need, and sell or donate it. Donating unwanted items to a local shelter, or thrift store can be a great way to help your community and lighten your load. If you have items of higher value, go to a trade store or sell them online to earn extra cash as well as help keep your move eco-friendly. The less you have, the less you need to pack!

Local Recycling Services

From electronics to dishes, most stores or cities offer different recycling programs for these items. Earth911 has a searchable recycling database to find the nearest recycling location for a variety of items.

Reusable Moving Boxes

One of the best ways to stay eco-friendly during your move is to use reusable boxes. Going to your local stores and asking for used cardboard boxes, or asking your friends/family doesn’t hurt and can help the environment. If you know you’ll be moving, start collecting boxes beforehand to save time and hassle. The Freecycle Network™ has groups around the world where people offer unwanted items, like cardboard boxes or other containers, for free.

Use Eco-Friendly Wrapping

Wrapping can be one of the most wasteful parts of moving. There are plenty of ideas for things to use instead of plastic, such as clothing, newspapers, towels, etc. Anything you’ll already be packing can replace bubble wrap. If you absolutely need bubble wrap for your glassware, check out this article from Dolly.

Use Old Clothes as Rags

Packing is the best time to collect items you don’t need anymore. Any old clothes that are too worn out to donate can be used as rags instead of paper towels. These are perfect for dusting things off while packing, and cleaning once everything is packed.

Save a Mess Kit for Meals

As you get closer to moving day, your fridge and cupboards can get bare and you’ll be ordering takeout instead of cooking. Make sure to keep one set of dishes for each person. There won’t be many dishes to wash, and you’ll keep from throwing away countless paper plates and plastic utensils.

Make Fewer Trips

If you hire a moving company or rent a truck, make sure there’s enough room for all your stuff in one trip, especially for a long-distance move. Once everything is loaded on the big truck, pack your family, pets, and overnight bags into your personal vehicle, and make one final trip. By making fewer trips, you’ll save on gas and keep the air a little cleaner. There are plenty of ways to make your move less wasteful and more eco-friendly. Declutter your belongings by donating or selling anything still in good shape, repurpose items that are worn out, and if something absolutely can’t be salvaged, make sure to properly recycle whatever you can to decrease how much goes into landfills.