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If you’re researching commercial movers, you might have noticed that commercial moving is considered a tad difficult. It isn’t easy. And it’s one of the reasons moving companies feel comfortable charging exorbitant fees for their services. 

We can’t fault them. But we do know that Goal Line Moving can do better. We offer top-tier commercial moving services while remaining affordable and accessible to smaller budgets. 

If that sounds like something you want, give Goal Line Moving a call today. We guarantee winning moving services at winning prices. 

Goal Line Moving: The Commercial Moving Company You Deserve!

Before you entrust your commercial move to our expert movers, let us tell you a bit about our history and what led to the excellent company you see today!

Two brothers started Goal Line Moving. Growing up, Cody and Tyler were both avid hockey fans and exceptional players. It didn’t take them long to realize that they would never be able to handle the daily grind of a desk job. 

The moving industry seemed like the perfect fit for their competitive spirits. It allowed them to stay physically active, and every job presented them with an opportunity to flex their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

After a few years, the brothers – who had studied finance and business – felt it was only natural to further their love for the job by creating their own business. 

The idea behind Goal Line Moving was simple: exceptional moving services at an affordable price. It didn’t take long for word of their excellent service to spread. 

With thousands of moving jobs under our belt and hundreds of happy reviews, we’ve gained a reputation as one of the best moving companies in the area. And you can enjoy those services too!

Why Choose Professional Office Relocation Movers?

Many factors contribute to a moving company being a good moving company. Here are all the reasons we, Goal Line Moving, are a great moving company and the best choice for your commercial moving needs. 

  • Licensed & Insured Moving Company: Goal Line Moving is a fully licensed and insured moving company. We meet all the MNDOT requirements for moving companies in Minnesota.
  • Commercial Moving Experience: We’ve handled thousands of moving projects, including hundreds of commercial moving jobs. We have the experience that allows us to calmly work through the job and the critical thinking skills to handle any commercial moving difficulties. 
  • Experienced Movers: Our movers are professional and experienced. We train our movers to be the best in the field and supervise them to ensure all your belongings are handled with care. 
  • Affordable Rates: As mentioned before, we offer affordable moving services. No matter your budget, we’ll help you with your commercial moving project. 
  • Top-of-the-range Equipment: Moving office equipment can be challenging. That’s why we only use the best equipment and trucks that are clean and regularly serviced. 
  • Equipment Protection: We’ll wrap and protect all your office equipment. No matter how heavy or fragile, we guarantee it will be delivered to your new destination in peak condition. 
  • Minimum Downtime: Time is money. No one understands that more than us. That’s why Goal Line Moving is dedicated to getting you up and running as soon as possible. We’ll make sure your downtime is kept to a minimum. 
  • Organized: From inventory to office stationery, we’ll collect, label, and track all your items. We guarantee no items will be lost during the moving process.

Goal Line Moving Office Relocation Process

Depending on your chosen company, commercial moving can look a little different. To demystify the process and to give you control of the process, here is what our commercial moving process looks like.

Get In Touch

First, you’ll need to fill in the moving quote form on our website. Be thorough and fill in every available line. We’ll use this to determine a fair moving price and to establish your custom moving plan. 

In the next 24 hours, we’ll give you a call. 

One of our friendly team members will ask questions about your commercial move. The more detail we have about your office moving needs, the better equipped we’ll be to provide for those needs. 

Choose Your Moving Date & Time

Next, you’ll have the exciting experience of choosing your moving date and time. If you want to reschedule, make sure to do it 2 or more days before the moving date. 

On Moving Day

Our team will arrive at your commercial space ready to work on the moving date. We’ll be a full-service moving company, so depending on your choice, we can handle every single part of your commercial move. 

Our experienced movers will wrap any fragile equipment, organize and inventory all your office items, and load everything onto our trucks. We’ll transport your belongings to your new destination and take care of the unloading there too. All you need to do is sit back and relax. 

Call The Best Office Furniture & Equipment Relocation Movers!

For commercial moving services that are fast, easy, and stress-free, choose Goal Line Moving. All you need to do is contact us today and get started on your custom commercial moving plan. 

Partner with Goal Line Moving for spectacular and affordable moving services. 

We promise to handle your commercial moving needs like the experts we are. Enjoy effortless moving that guarantees your satisfaction by choosing Goal Line Moving today!