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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

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It should come as no surprise when I say there's a lot of work that goes into moving. And I mean A LOT! So much work that people tend to underestimate how much actually goes into the whole process. From how much time and effort it takes to pack and actually move, to how much it costs regardless if you choose to use professional movers or not - it all adds up to be a lot of hard and tiring work. Whew!

Once you've gotten over how large of a task moving will be, then it's time to get to work and try to avoid the most common mistakes people make! You can do this by taking note of the list below and reading our tips on what you SHOULD do to avoid them! You can thank me later!

  1. Not Packing Boxes Correctly

    • One of the biggest mistakes you can make while moving is NOT PACKING CORRECTLY! Packing boxes too heavy could lead to issues when you’re trying to pack them in your moving truck and not to mention a LOT of back pain! A box that is too heavy is not able to be put on top of other things when transporting because they can cause other items and boxes to become damaged beneath them!
    • To avoid packing a box too heavy, try to follow this rule of thumb: Pack only HALF of the box with heavier items and the other half with lighter items or leave it empty.
    • Using boxes with no tops or not properly closing boxes are also a big NO-NO. There is no way you can confidently (and safely) stack boxes on top of these without running the risk of them collapsing or causing other boxes to fall.
  2. Labeling Boxes with Previous Home's Locations

    • A lot of people don’t realize that besides labeling what’s in the boxes you pack, you should also label where the box is going and NOT where it came from. An “easy mode” can quickly turn into a STRESSFUL MOVE when friends & movers are constantly asking you where they should put EVERY. SINGLE. BOX!
    • Avoiding this headache requires having a small game plan - think ahead and visualize your new home! When packing items, think about what room they will be going into the new place and label according to that new room! This will help you avoid that pesky headache and more importantly help the moving process run smoothly so you’re not constantly having to open every box to see what’s inside and then making a decision on where it goes.
  3. Forgetting to Put Aside a "Do-Not-Pack" Box

    • It is incredibly easy to get carried away with the idea that “EVERYTHING must get packed!” But you can’t say I didn’t warn you when I tell you that you should also pack a “Do-Not-Pack” box. It sounds a little silly, but many people don’t think about the little items they use on a daily basis and will actually pack them away and aren’t able to find them when they need to!
    • Things like overnight toiletries, wallets/checkbooks, toilet paper, medications, cleaning supplies, paper plates, and utensils are all things that would be good to have handy so you don’t go crazy having to go digging through multiple boxes when you get to your new place. Make sure to clearly mark this box with BIG, bold letters and let your movers or friends know that this box should NOT be packed with the other boxes and will be riding in your personal vehicle for easy access!
  4. Micromanaging Your Minnesota Moving Service Team

    • If you’re lucky enough to have a team to help you move, (whether it be your friends or a professional moving company) DON’T MICROMANAGE THEM! It's great that you have a strategy and know exactly where you want things, but please make sure you’re not overdoing it. Many times people try to control the placement of everything down to the exact square foot space and that not only will drive your helpers crazy, but it will really slow down the moving process. Forget an easy 2-hour move – you are now looking at 4 whole hours of madness and there is NO amount of free pizza and beer that will make your friends want to come back and help move you again...
    • To avoid this – have a plan and stay near the entrance of the house to be able to direct people. If you have a certain wall of the bedroom you would like your bed frame placed, give them the instructions from there so you are available to direct the next person walking in. This will help your unload run as fast and efficiently as possible!
  5. Hiring Bad Movers! **WARNING: Do NOT Just Go With the Cheapest Rate!**

    • If you are looking for extra help with your move, hiring movers is a great idea - just be sure to do your research! THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES YOU CAN MAKE! You can find all sorts of companies providing moving services on the internet, but that does not guarantee that they are licensed & insured OR even good movers. Many people hire movers based on price, but then quickly regret their decision due to the movers being lazy, rude and even worse - sketchy! These are your personal belongings, people! Don’t trust just ANYONE with them!minnesota moving service
    • Avoiding this mistake is simple - do your research! Read reviews, visit their website and ask questions! Great moving companies like Goal Line Moving in Minnesota will have a base hourly rate, but will always try to learn more about your move before giving you a quote on timing in order to give you realistic expectations. (Others might try to persuade you on the lower end to get your business, but then their crews cannot deliver in such a short timeframe and it will end up costing you more than you expected!) Great movers will also encourage you to ask questions, visit their website to learn more about them and to check out their reviews! Reviews are a great tool to see how moving crews have performed in the past.
    • One last thing I must mention: A legitimate Minnesota moving service company will not hesitate to let you know they are licensed and insured! Heck, they will probably make sure it’s written on the homepage of their website for all to see!

Man, moving is tough, but hopefully, this list of common mistakes and how to avoid them can help aid you in your own moving adventure!