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Why Live in Blaine, MN?

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Are you thinking of moving soon? We highly recommend moving to Blaine, MN and here's why...

If you're looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Minneapolis, then you may have thought about moving to the suburbs of Blaine. Families, singles and elders alike are all choosing to move to Blaine, but why?

An Easy Commute

If you decide to move to Blaine, and work closer to the cities, not to worry! Across the city of Blaine, you'll find access to major MN highways include 10, 65 and 35W. While traffic might be heavy from time to time, your commute will still be very short. You can still take advantage of everything Minneapolis has to offer while living in the suburbs.

A Strong School Systemchildren writing in notebook - Goal Line Moving Living in Blaine, MN

Another reason why so many people have fallen in love with Blaine is that the town has a strong school system. Every parent wants to make sure that their children get a strong education, and that is definitely something you'll enjoy in Blaine. There are plenty of educational opportunities for children of all ages in Blaine. Blaine is home to Blaine High School, a top school across the state, several elementary schools and a handful of specialty schools.

Lots of Outdoor Opportunities

If you love spending time outside, you will have no shortage of activities in Blaine. Aquatore is known as Blaine's "premier outdoor gathering location". It includes picnic areas, a dog park, a playground and so much more! It even hosts large events such as the Blaine Festival, family reunions, and company picnics. Another local park is Lochness Park, a 89.2-acre special use park has miles of trails, a disc golf course, a 20-acre lake and a fishing pier.

Couple eating dinner at restaurant - Goal Line Moving Living in Blaine, MNPlenty of Shopping and Dining

Blaine is also home to a lot of shopping and dining opportunities. Even though you can always take advantage of the Mall of America, Blaine has plenty of local shopping and dining opportunities. Wild Bill's Sports Saloon, a fun place to go as long as you are of age, as it has some of the best drinks in the city! Blaine also is home to one of a few Fleet Farm's in the state!

Consider Making the Move To Blaine, MN With a Minnesota Moving Company

In the end, these are just a few of the many reasons why so many people are moving to Blaine, MN. If you are planning a move to Blaine, you should work with professionals who can make this as easy as possible for you. Let Goal Line Moving help with your Blaine move!