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I’m moving soon, when should I set up my utilities?

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As your move gets closer, it’s important to not forget to set up your utilities! For you first-time movers, yes, you have set up things like your electricity, water, gas, etc. The most common utilities you’ll need to set-up include:

Here are some helpful tips on when you should setup your utilities.

Who To Contact?

When moving to Minnesota, it's best to research each utilities’ primary company. Realtors, city websites, city-specific Facebook groups or your local Minnesota moving company are great resources for finding the right utility providers. For essential utilities such as electricity, water, trash pickup, and gas, there is typically one provider in the city for each. Internet, TV and security systems are a bit different. You have the choice of either sticking with your current  provider or finding a new one. Some internet companies do not offer services in specific areas depending on their coverage. That is why it is so important to research and ask questions about utility providers.

When To Connect Utilities?

Person working on cell phone - Goal Line Moving Local MN Movers Set Up Home UtilitiesBe sure to connect your utilities at least four weeks before your suspected move-in date. This gives adequate time for both you and the utility providers. Some providers require you to be present at the home as utilities are turned on. In comparison, others may flip a switch for services. Also, services may differ if you live in an apartment, condo, or single-family home. Be sure to research what the utility companies need from you and give plenty of time for them to turn on your service.

The Types of Services

Most utility providers allow connection over the phone or online. You will need an account for each utility in the home. Here is what you can expect from the connection of services per utility: Electricity- The home does not require a visit from an electrician for power. However, be sure to contact the electric company to determine if you are needed at the property to turn the power on or if it can be done remotely. Water & Sewage- Contact your water utility company. Many companies require a water meter reading before a turn-on of service. This is either done by you or a technician. Some water meters are outside, while others are in a basement which requires access to the home. Gas- The turn-on of gas depends on the utility provider. Some providers send out a technician to ensure an accurate gas reading or installation approval. You may or may not need to be present when this occurs. Trash Pickup- Usually, trash pickups are coordinated by the city. Contact your city and ask about fees for trash pick up and the pickup schedule. Internet & TV- Some utilities are easily transferred from one home to another. Internet & TV providers typically offer transfer services with little or no fees. However, many require that you are home through installation such as wiring or dish installments. Keep in mind, like mentioned before, some providers only service certain areas. Be sure to check if you can transfer services or not.

Minnesota Moving Company

There's a lot to do when preparing for a move. Setting up your utilities, while not hard, can be time consuming. The rest of the move should be stress-free. Give yourself a break when you need it. That is why Goal Line Moving may be right for you. Whether you need to move to a residential or commercial property, the movers at Goal Line Moving are here to help! We offer full packing and unpacking services, dependable trucks, and professional movers.