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Tips on Avoiding Stress While Moving

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Moving can be one of the most stressful times of a person's life, but with these helpful tips from your local Minnesota house movers, we hope your stress can be reduced!

  1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time With Your Move.

    • The process of moving will NOT always be in your control. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it only takes a few days. Either way, everything that goes into moving can be a game of unknowns.
    • Moving Expert, Diane Schmidt, suggests giving yourself at least eight weeks to prepare for your move. If you plan on hiring movers (especially if you are moving in the Summer) she suggests giving yourself twelve weeks.
  2. Throughout Your Move, Stay Organized.

    • This may be the biggest key to NOT losing your sanity throughout your move.
    • A smart way of staying organized during your move is to make a list of all the things you have to do and then divide them into weeks. This way all those tasks you have to do, don't seem so daunting.
    • Don't forget to allow yourself wiggle room for those "unplanned events" (see #8).
  3. Get Rid of All That Old Junk!

    • While you're packing, take this as an opportunity to go through all that clutter. Don't pack things that you are just going to throw away at the new house.
    • Donate your lightly used things to a local charity, Goodwill, or donation center.
  4. Remember, It's Okay to Ask For Help.

    • Moving into a new house is no time to be reluctant about asking for help. Take into consideration that most people have been through at least one move in their lives so they understand how much work it can be.
    • Ask them if they could spare a couple hours to help you go sort, pack, or maybe even move.
  5. Let Yourself Say Goodbye to Your Old Home.

    • Chances are, you made some pretty amazing memories in your old home, embrace the fact that it was a good home, throw a party!
    • Doing this is also a good idea if you are moving far away. It could be that last opportunity to hang with some of your friends for a while.
    • Taking frequent walks around your neighborhood will also give you a chance to visit some of your favorite spots.
  6. Don't Forget to Treat Yourself Throughout The Move.

    • Moving often times leads to not getting enough sleep, not taking any breaks, and eating lots of junk food. DON'T let this happen to you! Even if you are moving, you are still a human being!
    • Set aside some time every day to take the time to treat yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant, go shopping for your new home, or maybe take a night out with friends.
  7. Stay Well-Rested and Eat Well.

    • As mentioned in #6, just because you're moving that doesn't mean your life has to completely change.
    • Stay on top of your sleep; it's still recommended that you get at least eight hours of sleep a night.
    • During the moving process, it's important to try and not live on pizza and coffee (even though that can be EXTREMELY difficult). Eat a balanced diet and don't skip meals!
  8. Don't Freak-Out About The Unplanned Events.

    • It doesn't matter if you have planned everything out perfectly, things will go wrong.
    • Throughout every move, unplanned events will occur, so it's important that allow yourself to be flexible and remember to breathe!
  9. Make Sure You Have a Back-Up Plan.

    • As mentioned above, unplanned events will happen; so try to think of everything that could go wrong and be sure to have a backup plan ready!

If moving still sounds like a daunting task, let Goal Line Moving take care of it for you!