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What Should I Pack First When Moving?

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Ready to begin packing but unsure where to begin?

Start With the Items in Storage

This could include items in a storage room in your house, items in a shed, items in your basement and even items at an off-site storage facility. More times than not, these items are already packed up and ready to go, however, you may want to consider going through the items to see if Man taping up moving box - Goal Line Moving Local MN Moving Companyanything can be given away or thrown out before the move.

Look at the Rooms You Use the Least

Step #2 in the packing process should include packing up the rooms in your house individually. We recommend starting with the rooms that are rarely used. This could include a guest room, a formal living room or even an office. Pack up the decorations, unused bedding, unused office supplies and even small furniture.

Consider Out of Season Items

Another set of items we recommend packing up first are your out-of-season items. More likely than not, you won't need your Fall decorations if you're moving in the middle of March.

Ask a Professional Minnesota Moving Company for Help

If the packing begins to be too much, contact Goal Line Moving to discuss our packing services.