Two people packing boxes - When should I start packing

I just bought a house, when should I start packing?

First of all, congratulations! Purchasing a house is a huge accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated!

The moment you’re notified that your offer has been accepted, a million things go through your head, many of them revolving around PACKING. How early should I start? Do I need to pack everything now? Where do I start?

In today’s article, we’ll specifically go over the timing of WHEN to start packing.

First things first, find out your closing date.

Two hands sharing a house key - Goal Line Moving packing for new houseYour closing date will act as your deadline for when you need everything packed by. This is because in Minnesota, where Goal Line Moving is headquartered, most buyers receive their key immediately after closing and typically opt to move-in right away. The time in between your offer getting accepted and your closing date can be between 30 to 90 days, and sometimes longer. We recommend consulting with your realtor on your expected closing date.

You have your closing date, time to start packing!

Yes, you read that right! Think of it this way, the earlier you start packing, the more time you’re going to have to complete the job, because, yes, packing will become your second job!

Packing and everything involved with it can be a very time consuming process. The majority of people choose to purge their belongings prior to packing, that way they aren’t wasting time and energy on items that are trash or donations. Check out our blog, How to Get Organized for a Smooth, Easy Move for more tips! Then there’s also the countless trips to the store for moving supplies, because we all know, there is never enough boxes or tape purchased on the first trip.

What you should pack first.

We highly recommend packing things you won’t need for 1-3 months. Common items include:

  • Seasonal Items
    • Go ahead and pack up any off-season decorations. We promise, you won’t be needing your “It’s Fall Y’all” sign in the middle of March.
  • DVDs/CDs
    • Let’s be honest, most of us don’t use these anymore, but we have hard time parting with our hard copies of movies, TV shows, and music. You’re safe to pack these up right away.Graphic of four moving boxes - Packing for new home
  • Memory Items
    • We’re talking about the sentimental items you have for your kids or any sort of wall memorabilia you have hung up.
  • Non-Essential Items
    • Go through each room and start to pack up the random items your family won’t need until after the move. Here are some ideas:All kitchen gadgets and utensils that aren’t used on a weekly basis. Yes, we’re looking at you Avocado slicer.
      • Any toys the kids rarely play with.
      • Tools from the garage that won’t be needed for house projects.
      • Junk drawers – don’t be scared!

While packing, don’t forget to label EVERYTHING. Trust us, it’ll make moving day and your unpacking adventures a breeze!